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Lassman's Fine Eyewear

530 Crater Lake Avenue
Medford, OR 97504



Eye exams performed by independent optometric physician Christina Mabry.

While so many eye care provider chains are interested only in volume, we believe quality should be first. We want to make sure your eyes are healthy and your vision is correct. That's why we offer comprehensive eye health evaluations and necessary follow-up care.

Your total eye health is extremely important to us and we do everything we can to make sure you receive the best personalized care possible.

We check for Glaucoma, a disease where high levels of pressure inside of your eye are present when your eyes fail to regulate internal pressure. Early detection of glaucoma is important to prevent the loss of sight .

We watch for cataracts, when the internal lens of your eye becomes cloudy and necessitates replacement of that internal lens.


Eye exams include a complete eye health exam as well as a refraction for $89.
Contact lens fitting is an additional $30.